Are you starting your own business or looking for a move from a home office? Is the cost of renting your own office discouraging you from making the move necessary to expand your business? A co-working office space can be the solution!

Co-working office spaces are becoming more and more prevalent throughout Ireland, and it is estimated 3,000 people are using these facilities.

So what has caused the increase in popularity of co-working office spaces, and what are the benefits to you and your business from using these facilities?


One of the major attractions to using a co-working office is that it is a much cheaper option than renting your own office. This is obviously especially attractive for start-ups and freelancers and has been a significant factor in the growth of the market. Quite often, co-working offices are found in prime locations, which would be otherwise unattainable to the ordinary startup. The workspaces are often very comfortable and have meeting and break-out facilities. In addition, most co-working spaces come inclusive of electricity, heating, internet, etc. which can both reduce overheads and remove the administration costs of monitoring these expenses.


This one is pretty straightforward! Moving to a co-working office space instantly increases your networking ability and you will have access to new contacts and potential clients on a daily basis. Using a co-working office you will encounter people from a multitude of industries which may not have an instant impact on your business but could become valuable contacts for the future.

Increased Productivity

Imagine working from home? This is a thought that has crossed many a professionals mind. The thought of removing the daily drive to the office, the traffic jams, the expensive lunches out; working from home seems like the perfect solution. However, the discipline and focus required to achieve the same level of productivity while working from home is usually an afterthought and is the main cause of failed working-from-home ventures. You also need the discipline required to create a healthy work-life balance, which can be difficult when work is constantly in the next room.

Co-working office spaces can help boost productivity by providing structure to your day while also allowing you to work in a relaxed environment where all the necessary facilities and amenities are at your fingertips. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals, albeit from different industries, will motivate you to succeed. Immersing yourself in this entrepreneurial environment can also help give you a push to take your business more seriously.

Imagination and inspiration

An article from Harvard Business Review from September 2015 titled, ‘Why People Thrive in Co-working Spaces’, reported that people who work in co-working office spaces see their work as more meaningful, feel more comfortable at work as there is little competition or office politics, have more control of their daily routine and feel like they are part of a community. This all leads to an environment which breathes creativity.

Co-working spaces also provide you with access to opinions from other individuals in different industries which can help develop your ideas, and likewise, your opinion may help develop a fellow co-worker’s ideas.

Work for yourself, not by yourself!

Moving to a co-working office space can help you avoid the loneliness of working from a home office or freelancing where you can find yourself in isolation from physical interaction for large portions of your working week. Working in isolation can be draining, and lead to a decrease in productivity, not to mention the potential mental health implications. Co-working office spaces provide an environment where you can ‘work for yourself, not by yourself’. The increase in social interaction can lead to a healthier, happier, more productive you.

Extra Extra!

Another major benefit to your business is that you now have access to all the facilities which were not available to you when working from your home office or freelancing –  access to meeting rooms, business services such as accounting or legal assistance, professional printing facilities, and even access to unlimited high-speed broadband.

At the HUB we don’t just offer a co-working office space, we also offer on-site reception, secretarial, accountancy, legal, HR and business coaching support to accelerate your business, as well as a supportive environment of like-minded entrepreneurs to share the exhilarating highs and inevitable lows. 

Call in to take a look at our facilities and you can begin your co-working journey today!